Whether it's walking, biking or kayaking, there are endless options for taking an adventure holiday

Adventure holiday is a phrase that means different things to different people. An active holiday may include grade-5 white water rafting and sky diving out of a plane, or it may be as gentle as planning an interesting walking holiday for your family. Whatever adventure means to you, we can help. We have dedicated adventure travel guides, tailor made travel options and over 470 adventure holidays operating in over 70 countries.

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Am I fit enough for an Activity Holiday?

Activity holidays are not just for athletes and gym bunnies! Technically an adventure holiday is available to all fitness levels as it can be whatever you want it to be. The important thing is that you're willing to be taken out of your comfort zone, try something new and travel somewhere exciting. You will have the opportunity to meet locals and immerse yourself in another culture. Some active holidays include more challenging elements, such as a multi-day hiking trails (the Inca Trail is a good example) or overland tours where you set up camp each evening. If you have specific concerns about fitness, contact our travel experts and they will answer your questions.

Walking Holidays

Some of the most popular activity breaks are walking holidays, as you often don't need any previous experience and they allow you to arrive at breath-taking locations that may be inaccessible by other means. Depending on your general level of fitness and the difficulty of the walking trail, you may want to complete a training program or do several practice hikes before you leave. Unless you're a seasoned hiker, booking your walk with an experienced adventure company and walking with a guide is advisable. Even if you walk a lot at home, you will be unfamiliar with the terrain, weather patterns and potential risks in another country. Walking holidays can be extremely rewarding though... as you watch the clouds lift and the sun rise over Machu Picchu at the end of a gruelling four-day hike, the feeling of elation and personal achievement is difficult to beat.

Rock Climbing Holidays

Slightly more specialised than walking tours, rock climbing adventure holidays are probably best suited to those that already have experience with the sport. If you've been climbing for a while at home, maybe a rock climbing trip abroad will help you expand on your skill and rejuvenate your love for the sport. Top rock climbing destinations include Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, and several locations in Central and South America. We offer tailor-made options that can include rock climbing excursions. 

Diving Holidays

There is so much marine diversity throughout the reef systems of the world, it's natural that diving and travelling would go hand in hand. It also makes sense to book your dive holiday with a professional company, as you will need special dive equipment that you probably won't be able to bring with you on the plane. There are several places we visit on our adventure holidays where you can dive, such as Caye Caulker in Belize and the Isles of Zanzibar,Tanzania. You can either incorporate a day of diving into one of our main itineraries, or look at planning a tailor-made activity holiday with a focus on diving.

Cultural and General Adventure Holidays

Not everyone has just one activity they want to do when they're abroad. Most people want to see some interesting sites, get to know the culture, do one or two activities such as sand boarding or hiking and have a bit of down time to relax as well. If you count yourself among this group, then one of our main adventure holidays will suit you perfectly. There are plenty to choose from, so it's a good idea to start with a particular destination, time of year, or highlight in mind and start planning from there. For example, if you've always wanted to see Angkor Wat (that amazing complex of temples in Cambodia out of the Tomb Raider movie), then plan a trip to South East Asia. Or to go hiking in Patagonia, look at booking some time off work in December to March during the southern hemisphere summer. We're staffed by super keen travellers who will gladly take the chance to tell you all about their own holiday experiences and give you ideas for your own adventure holiday!