Explore the world in style on a luxury holiday with Leisure Hoppers. Bringing you some of the globe’s most glamorous resorts, where you can look forward to anything and everything from unrivalled offerings of gourmet dining to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, which readily await in our hand-picked collection of luxury holidays.

Each luxury holiday of which has been carefully curated by our destination specialists, taking you to some of the world’s most desirable destinations. Featuring the hedonistic heights of Dubai and the underwater delights of the Maldives, alongside the spectacular offerings of sun, sea, sand and spas that can be found on revitalising retreats to Mauritius and Sri Lanka.

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Tailor Make Your Own Luxury Experience

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Dubai Luxury Holidays

Luxury knows no limits on a holiday in Dubai. Revealing an eclectic blend of tradition and progression, as you stroll beneath soaring skyscrapers and marvel at manmade wonders, before discovering atmospheric old towns and dramatic desert landscapes. Complete, of course, with the golden sands and shimmering shores of the Arabian Gulf, inviting you to bask in the region’s glorious climate - all the year round.

Maldives Luxury Holidays

Imagine waking up, stepping outside your beach villa and straight away feeling the sensation of soft white sand between your toes. Or diving directly from the deck of your water villa into the warm, crystal clear depths of the Indian Ocean. Or alternatively, envision yourself admiring the magnificent marine life from the comfort of your glass-floored or underwater villa.

Mauritius Luxury Holidays

Sink into serenity on a holiday in Mauritius. A veritable jewel of the Indian Ocean, where continents combine across a patchwork of global influences spanning Africa, Asia, India and Europe. Showcasing some of the world’s most glamorous resorts, where you can relish relaxation and recreation amid five-star facilities such as spectacular swimming pools, soothing spas, world-class water sports and the distinct, globe-straddling cuisine found only in Mauritius.

Sri Lanka Luxury Holidays

Discover captivating culture, glorious golden beaches and entrancing, emerald tea plantations on a holiday in Sri Lanka. Served alongside endless offerings of luxury, as you hideaway in your pick of the island’s five-star resorts. Revealing palm-strewn surroundings, idyllic coastal settings, state-of-the-art spas and exceptional wining and dining within romantic, world-renowned restaurants.

Seychelles Luxury Holidays

Enter a world of luxury on a holiday in the Seychelles. Established across the sprawling network of island paradises that make up this alluring archipelago, each revealing surreal natural beauty across stretches of whiter-than-white sand, forest-carpeted peaks and calm, crystal clear waters - which provide a home to world-class water sports, scuba diving and snorkelling. Found no more majestic than on the most inhabited islands of MahéPraslinSilhouette and La Digue.